Course Description

Learn what causes trauma symptoms and reactivity and how to use mind/body methods to deactivate those symptoms, empowering yourself to take charge of your own healing process with a highly experienced clinical psychologist and yoga teacher.

Traumatic stress alters the nervous system, causing residue from past experiences to settle in the body. Neuroscience has increased our understanding of how traumatic stress alters our nervous system. Current research demonstrates that yoga and mindfulness change and reset the nervous system to its natural state.

Learning these practices in a safe relaxed setting and empowering yourself with this knowledge will provide useful tools to use on your own once the course is completed. The course is not intended to be a replacement for any other therapeutic interventions, but to complement and enhance them.



MYT: A Six Week Course

A 6-week course to increase your knowledge and understanding of how trauma affects the brain and body combined with trauma-sensitive yoga and mindfulness practices.

-Learn how trauma is held in the body, including an overview of current research about how yoga and mindfulness practices help rewire and calm the brain, effectively reducing symptoms

-Experience a supportive environment with a clinical psychologist and senior yoga teacher

-Engage in carefully sequenced yoga sessions accessible for all body types

-Acquire mindfulness tools to calm yourself and take charge of your own physiology

Is this course right for me?

This course is appropriate for those who continue to experience traumatic stress responses such as bodily anxiety, triggering, and numbing, and are interested in taking a proactive approach to their own healing. Even years after a traumatic event or situation, people continue to have symptoms replay despite having “moved on”. While the emotional effects of trauma may have been addressed, the physical responses remain. This is an instructional led course with no expectation of self-disclosure. Participation in any of the training is encouraged and is left up to each individual. It is intended to be informative and focused on acquiring self-regulation skills and not a substitute for psychotherapy.

What is trauma?

Trauma comes in many forms. Specific events such as disasters, crimes, deaths, pregnancy loss, and surgeries often result in traumatic reactions. Repetitive events such as abuse, neglect, growing up in chaotic and unpredictable environments and witnessing violence can also cause ongoing symptoms. Loss, helplessness, numbness and feeling trapped in recurring symptoms are common.


Dr. Dianne Sterling is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice for over twenty five years and a mindfulness consultant at Scripps Center for Executive Health for the last decade. She also volunteers to treat military vets for PTSD as part of the Give An Hour program. She is a long-term meditator and yoga practitioner with extensive training and experience in using mind-body methods in treating all forms of trauma, and teaching mindfulness. She follows and implements the latest innovations for trauma recovery, drawing from pioneering research including interpersonal neurobiology, energy psychology, polyvagal theory and uses of yoga and mindfulness to treat trauma. She is excited to combine her trauma expertise and understanding of the research with her background in yoga and mindfulness in developing the innovative MYT course with cofounder, Gretchen Donovan.

A Registered Yoga Teacher, Gretchen Donovan teaches classes and workshops to support self-awareness and reflection for all levels and body types.  She teaches “the person” not the pose. Two decades of practice in the classical traditions of Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga provided a prolific foundation for her expertise. Subsequently training in the contemporary style of Prajna Yoga delivered more contemplative practice and anatomy study. Most recently influenced by the work accomplished with trauma survivors at the Trauma Center in Boston Massachusetts, she weaves the subtle nuances and precision of these disciplines into her teaching. She is the Co-Founder of Mindfulness Yoga for Trauma with Dr. Dianne Sterling.

Comments from past course participants….

"I truly feel this workshop was transformational. Dianne's clarity, knowledge and resources provided educational information and tools that were far reaching.  Trauma, and its effects, have never been broken down and explained to me in this manner. It helped me further process many of my life experiences with a profound and self compassionate understanding, and with an increased ability to transcend and assess these past traumatic experiences. Somatic yoga was also an unknown to me. The nurturing pace of the yoga and Gretchen's caring nature and expertise was very beneficial on multiple levels. I found the yoga truly calmed my nervous system...."


"In just six weeks of coursework, I feel as though I have acquired a wonderful amount of new information and I am empowered to incorporate mindful practices for greater stability and balance.  Both Dianne and Gretchen are extremely equipped, ingenious, and approachable.”


"Until this course I did not understand how emotional/bodily/spiritual healing could occur ONLY by unlocking and releasing the body’s “memory” of trauma. Both the scientific basis for connecting the body’s memory of trauma to freeing not only the body but also the soul from the legacy of trauma combined with the gentle, even beautiful movement in yoga that this course showed me made the class uniquely healing....It has been a few weeks since the course ended. I could not have known how deeply healing this course would be while I was taking it. Now, however, I find myself not only remembering but also practicing the “knowledge” the class provided me. Dianne and Gretchen are a perfect team. They are kind, gentle, open beings and excellent practitioners. I wish I could take the class again as its material is so rich and life-changing that another round would surely benefit me even more."

Course Details

The course includes instruction, course materials, and practice cards as well as a yoga mat. 

Wear comfortable clothes. Regular seating will be used during the informational portion of each weekly class.

Dates: TBD. 

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